#22 Alex Ikonn: Co-founder of Luxy Hair and The 5-Minute Journal

Just go out and do it!
— Alex Ikonn

Alex Ikonn is an entrepreneur who co-founded Luxy Hair which provides high quality hair extensions. He helped grow the Luxy Hair YouTube channel to one of the most visited channels which has over 421 million views. Alex has the drive and creativity to build beautiful products. He's also the co-founder of Intelligent Change where he's helped create The 5-Minute Journal which helps you be mindful about planning your day.  He also has a Vlog on YouTube where he posts great behind the scenes videos about his business, family, and other things that inspire him. 

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How Alex's upbringing shaped his character

  • The origin story of Luxy Hair

  • Best practice for using The 5 Minute Journal

  • Other fantastic advice from Alex including book recommendations

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