#23 Mario Lopez: Follow Your Passion

Find your passion with something that makes you want to get up every day. Like working out, whatever gets you moving. Focus on that, the rest is a waste of time. If it doesn’t make you happy you won’t be good at it.
— Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez is currently the host on Extra. He's one of the top hosts in Hollywood. You know him from Saved by the Bell and he's been on Dancing with the Stars.  Mario has had a great career over an extended period of time. In this interview we cover a broad range of topics relating to career, life advice, and fitness tips. 

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How his family's upbringing has shaped him

  • How becoming a generalist has helped him in his career

  • How he broke into hosting in Hollywood

  • How he's been able to stay consistent - both in his career and in his workout regiment

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