#36 NFL All-Pro Ricky Williams: On Redefining Yourself

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Successful people are clear about who they are and where they’re headed and share that clarity with people around them so they know what the expectations are.
— Ricky Williams

To football fans Ricky Williams is known as a Heisman Trophy Winner and two-time All American at Texas. He's scored many touchdowns during his 12-year career in the NFL. In 2004, he retired at the peak of his career. He returned to the NFL with his future in mind and treated his work as his craft to set himself up for his next career.

Ricky is becoming well-known for his work as a holistic healer, a journey that began nearly 15 years ago after his first retirement from the NFL. He has immersed himself in the study of evolutionary astrology as well as other healing modalities including Ayurvedic medicine, cranial sacral therapy, meditation, pranic healing and yoga. Ricky is currently pursuing his doctorate in Chinese medicine and continues to help people around the world gain a deeper understanding of their lives through his evolutionary astrology practice. 

In this episode we discuss

  • How Ricky defines success

  • The common traits of successful people

  • The most successful person he’s been around

  • Why he chose to play college football at Texas

  • What it means to be conscious and more self-aware

  • Why parenting is an inner-reflection and more..

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