#24 Phil Jones: Exactly What to Say

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In a world littered with smoke and mirrors, what I’ve seen work best is blatant well packaged honesty.

Phil M Jones grew his career in sales from when he started working at the age of 14 washing cars on the weekends to hiring his own fleet of car washers. Based in the UK, his sales career took off from there. He later developed a sales training workshop that was very successful. He's turned that experience into speaking in front of thousands of people and writing books about sales. We discuss Exactly What to Say and his other book Exactly How to Sell which is available for pre-order on Amazon. Phil has an innate ability to use magic words that are impactful and yet subtle to help you influence people without the stigma of sounding like a sleezy salesperson.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The major pitfalls salespeople and companies make around sales

  • How to disarm a decision maker and how to drive a sense of urgency

  • We review some of the strategies from his book, Exactly What to Say

  • We discuss what Phil has uncovered is the secret to success and more

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