#27 Martin Kihn: Solicited Career Advice

Working life is a marathon. I’m not talking about getting enough sleep or eating right or exercising; you know that. I mean in the long run, over years, managing a build-up of stress that tears you down from the inside until — one day — you realize you simply can not make another phone call, write another document.

Marty Kihn is an accomplished writer and one of the most in-demand marketing experts in the field of advertising. He's published three books, one of which was titled House of Lies which turned into a popular TV show on Showtime starring Don Cheadle. Marty was also the head writer for a VH1's Pop-up Video. He graduated from Yale with an MBA from Colombia. He was recently a marketing analyst at Gartner for 5 years.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How Marty figured out what he wanted to do in his multi-dimensional career

  • The process of writing his first book and how it turned into a hit TV show on Showtime

  • How to address and avoid burnout, and more..

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