#38 Julie Zhuo: A Handbook for New Managers

Our performance at work in a particular moment in time does not need to be our identity, and it does not need to be the thing in which we judge others worth on.

Julie Zhuo is one of the leading design executives in Silicon Valley. She’s currently the VP of Design at Facebook where she was also the social network’s first intern years ago. At the age of 25, Julie was a rookie manager where she felt unprepared.

She has published a book that serves as a handbook for new managers called The Making of a Manager. It’s a great read for people thinking about getting into management, those who are new managers, and seasoned managers looking to compare notes with a world-class leader.

In this episode we discuss:

-How to know if you will like management

-How to run stellar one on one meetings

-Why it’s important to be vulnerable as a leader are more..

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